Five Great Job Ad Examples From Fitzii’s Hiring Success Team

  We’ve all heard those sad stats about how few people are engaged in their work. The hiring process in general, and job ads in particular, are a major culprit. Today we return to the topic of great job ads to help you on the road to hiring success! A…Continue Reading

Scientific Advice for a Great Job Ad

I recently saw some advice on writing a job ad. You’ve got a list of duties lying around somewhere (last one = other duties as assigned). Write and intro and an outro, slap that list on a job board, and bingo bango, you’re on your way to a great hire!…Continue Reading

6 Qualifications That Really Don’t Belong in Job Ads

    I’m sorry if you’ve ever used one or more of these yourself, but there are lots of qualifications listed in job ads that are just plain useless – they don’t help the candidate determine if they’re a good fit, or give them any clue as to what the…Continue Reading