Should the resume be replaced?

Some 500 years ago Leonardo da Vinci created the first written resume or Curriculum Vitae (Latin for the course of my life). He sent it to the Duke of Milan in an effort to secure a job. One that he’d eventually hold onto for 16 years no less! Fast forward 450 years…Continue Reading

Fitzii Guide / 25 Interview Questions to Get Unrehearsed Answers

recruitment software guide get best candidates

Our Recruiters Have Spoken… And Here Are Their Questions To make your interviewing more effective, we asked our customers to share questions they use successfully to prompt fresh and unpredictable answers from candidates. Using this guide should get you closer to knowing who your candidates really are and how closely…Continue Reading

The Worst Interview Question Answer Ever

the worst interview question for recruiting and hiring

During my time working in Sweden, I had the opportunity to be part of a team of scientists and engineers from around the world. The diverse nature of the team played a large role in its success and was hugely motivating. Looking back this was probably one of the experiences…Continue Reading

How Does Richard Branson Hire?

How Does Richard Branson Hire

In this post (part of a great series on LinkedIn, entitled How They Hire), Richard Branson talks about his personal philosophy when it comes to hiring. Like all of his advice, it is simple, to-the-point, full of common-sense and worth a quick read (it’s short). His main points: You can…Continue Reading

Hiring and the Limitations of Human Perception

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Our minds are incredible things; constantly examining, assessing, sorting inputs and data to make decisions at an incredible pace. These quick judgements are often correct and valuable, but not always. Sometimes though, these snap judgements are very wrong, due to what psychologists call “fundamental attribution errors”. This recent article, Why…Continue Reading

Want better responses? Try different questions.

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There are a number of questions that have been asked in interviews for decades. These questions were created with good reason – how candidates answer them is important. However, asking these predictable questions frequently results in rehearsed responses that may leave you guessing whether the candidate is indeed a good…Continue Reading

Harnessing The Power of Inclusive Shortlisting

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You’ve advertised your position, received upwards of 100 applications – how do you screen the candidates to bring in the best ones for an interview. What we know, based on “eye tracking” research undertaken last year, is that on average, recruiters spend six seconds looking at each resume to make…Continue Reading