Increase Hiring Success 9x with Behavioral Interviewing

Just like 90% of drivers think they are better than average, most people think they are a “good judge of character”. But hiring statistics tell a much different story. Depending on which study you look at somewhere between 20% and 50% of new hires are mistakes. The good news is…Continue Reading

The Surprising Power of a Great Job Application Process.

Last year we published survey data on how candidates experience Fitzii. As we mentioned back then, Fitzii wasn’t created just to give recruiters and hiring managers a great tool. We set out to provide value and a good experience to job seekers too (which, unfortunately, is rarely the case with most recruiting technology…Continue Reading

Beware of the Dark Side of ‘Mobile-Apply’

Everyday more people are using their mobile devices in every facet of their lives, from back-to-school shopping, to reading the news, to buying tickets for an upcoming hockey game, to looking for work. So whether they’re using a smartphone or a tablet the expectation of candidates is that the experience…Continue Reading

The ATS is Dead, Long Live the ATS

I just read this article on The Failure of Automated Recruiting by an author we always enjoy reading at Fitzii, Liz Ryan. The article was forwarded to me by a business partner along with a question along the lines of “isn’t this bad news for you, Fitzii is after all an ATS right”?  –…Continue Reading

Are You a Recruiter, a Marketer, or Both?

Social media and the internet have had a huge impact on recruiting. Organizations large and small are competing on more of a level playing field for top talent. Interactions between people occur at an increasingly rapid pace, and communication between recruiters and prospects happen 24-7. Now that job seekers have…Continue Reading

It’s the Structure of Hiring that’s Broken

The hiring process the majority of organizations use today has not fundamentally changed in decades, and many statistics point out that the chances of hiring a great fit remain dismal. Typical unstructured screening methods are the biggest contributor to our hiring mistakes, and with more structured and proven approaches in…Continue Reading

Five Tips for Creating an Effective Careers Page

Now hiring sign

One of my favourite features that Fitzii offers is the ability for recruiters, using a simple drag-and-drop interface, to create, publish and maintain attractive, company-branded, careers pages. This feature was driven by our small and medium business customers who often expressed dissatisfaction with their existing on-line careers presence, but whom…Continue Reading