Why Our Job Ads Perform 3x Better

We like to think that we do some pretty important work at Fitzii. We help match jobseekers with positions they’re a great fit for, and in turn, help employers hire people who are engaged and productive in their work. The “secret sauce” in our process is writing remarkable and compelling job…Continue Reading

Against All Odds: A Story of Hiring Success

I want to tell you a story. I want to tell you a story about a guy named James. James is a singer, a songwriter, and a classically trained musician. As the co-founder of the folk duo, Ash & Bloom, James spent 10 years on the road touring and making great…Continue Reading

The Pros and Cons of Recorded Video Screening

After thousands of traditional phone and in-person interviews, I thought there was nothing left to learn about interviewing. I was wrong. Recorded video screening can add a lot of value to your interview process and it’s gaining acceptance in the marketplace. Here we share our lessons learned three years after…Continue Reading

How to Find High Achievers

These days everyone is looking for high achievers – otherwise known as Hi-Po’s, Rockstars, Ninjas, or Purple Squirrels (since they’re impossible to find). These are the people who can almost single-handedly lift the performance of your organization, as nearly everything they work on turns to gold. So how do we…Continue Reading

How to Hire a Great EA

It takes a truly remarkable person to be an effective EA. Wise and forbearing, intelligent and hardworking, with the ability to anticipate and fulfill needs long before they are felt, and to work harder than anyone else, for longer, and without expectation of glory. If you’re hoping to join the…Continue Reading

5 of the Very Best Interview Questions to Ask

Interviews are running neck and neck with performance reviews for the title of most uncomfortable ritual in the modern workplace. Candidates are nervous, both sides are on their best behavior, and the vast majority of interviewers have never had any formal training. It’s our most relied upon tool for hiring,…Continue Reading

Promoting the Best Can Be the Worst

Early in my career I worked on a really good team. A smart, driven leader. Capable, motivated team members. An interesting mandate. There was one guy on the team who was particularly smart and knowledgeable in our subject area. He knew the technical ins and outs of our business better…Continue Reading