How much baggage is too much?

applicant tracking system that finds the best applicants

Imagine you need to hire for a key opening in an established team. The team is led by a strong manager and has been performing well for a while, but recently lost a key team member to a competitor. You have two short-listed candidates and have been asked to recommend…Continue Reading

How Does Richard Branson Hire?

How Does Richard Branson Hire

In this post (part of a great series on LinkedIn, entitled How They Hire), Richard Branson talks about his personal philosophy when it comes to hiring. Like all of his advice, it is simple, to-the-point, full of common-sense and worth a quick read (it’s short). His main points: You can…Continue Reading

Hiring and the Limitations of Human Perception

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Our minds are incredible things; constantly examining, assessing, sorting inputs and data to make decisions at an incredible pace. These quick judgements are often correct and valuable, but not always. Sometimes though, these snap judgements are very wrong, due to what psychologists call “fundamental attribution errors”. This recent article, Why…Continue Reading