Five Great Job Ad Examples From Fitzii’s Hiring Success Team


We’ve all heard those sad stats about how few people are engaged in their work. The hiring process in general, and job ads in particular, are a major culprit. Today we return to the topic of great job ads to help you on the road to hiring success!

A great job ad is immensely more powerful than an average one.

powerful weight lifter






Job boards are filled with mediocre job ads. The kind with long, dull lists of job duties and qualifications. The kind that tell potential applicants little about the purpose, culture, and perks associated with a job. The kind that repel the best and choosiest applicants.

The good news is that even small, expert changes like getting the length right (it’s longer than you think) or including salary and benefits information, can each yield applicant increases of 30% or more.

Even beyond attracting more applicants, the real power of a great job ad is in attracting the kind of applicants who will all but beat down your door for the chance to do great work with you.

Applicants like Marc, who frequently send us notes like this one:

Hello! My name is Marc and I just sent in an application for your Office Administrator opening.

I just wanted to send a personalized follow-up to really drive the point across about how much I want this. Have you ever read a job ad and suddenly thought, wow, this is exactly the one for me. This was my reaction!

I love customer service and I love admin work. The dream is having a job you love right? Hope this helps demonstrate the desire I have for this 🙂

Hope to hear from you!


We’ve written extensively about the importance of amazing job ads and techniques for writing them. Here we’ve selected some favorites to share with you. You’ll notice the variety of roles and organizations – we believe any job can be showcased successfully to appeal to its target audience.

By the way, Marc got the job and he’s doing well!

Write a great job ad and meet your next Marc.



woman recording a video interview Kira Talent – Executive Assistant & Office Manager

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression.

In the past, job seekers and school applicants, people like you, had to rely on their resume and online applications to make the first impression…and resumes are notoriously bad at summing up a human being.

At Kira Talent, we’re here to change that. We exist to help job seekers and students applying to school make a real first impression with prospective employers and admission teams giving deeper insights into the applicant pool – all over video.

Over video, candidates come to life. Employers get to meet more people and make better hires. Schools get to see students for more than just their grades. It’s fast and easy to use – and everybody wins.

People are quickly catching on to this potential – so quickly in fact that it’s hard to keep up with demand!

That’s why we’re looking for a new executive assistant and office manager to keep the whole thing growing gracefully!

Executive Assistant and Office Manager

If you are organized, proactive, and diplomatic – able to work successfully with a huge range of stakeholders – and if you get deep satisfaction from being the person who supports others – this could be a defining career opportunity. An opportunity to support a successful senior entrepreneur and to get involved in an accelerating new business.

As EA to our CEO, Craig, and office manager to our team of approx. twenty, you will own these types of tasks:

  • general admin – calendar management, travel, meeting notes and follow up, office management, vendor relations, AP, banking
  • analysis and reporting – sales reports, scorecards, investor updates, multiple company dashboards
  • HR – onboarding, benefits, vacation, team meetings, culture
  • strategic projects – investor updates, channel partners, board meeting prep
  • marketing support – events, blog management, gifting program

Succeeding in this role means not being afraid to share your opinion on how things could be done better. It means loving a fast-paced, sometimes chaotic environment where people don’t take themselves too seriously. It means taking ownership for the success of the business; being involved in strategic projects, partner and investor relations; and contributing to an awesome organizational culture.

Why Work at Kira Talent

We’re all here to build something great. We believe in what we do and that it has the potential to make the world a better place.

We’re an entrepreneurial team – a flat organization that offers lots of autonomy and flexibility to be excellent at your job. If you’re an entrepreneurial, startup type, you’re gonna love it here. If you love the stability and structure of a large organization, you probably won’t.

We’re a small team (you’d be #18) and we have tons of fun together. We host monthly employee-run lunch & learns, Beer O’Clock on Friday afternoons (where we swap wins from the week), movie nights, board game nights, BBQs, and just about every other activity you can think of.

We’re looking for a full-time, long-term employee and we’ll hire as soon as we meet the right person. Target salary in this position is $55,000 to $65,000/year.

The position is located in our downtown office, close to transit, and all of the amenities of downtown life.


  • Two or more years as an executive assistant
  • Experience in office administration or a highly detailed role
  • Experience supporting an entrepreneur or working in a highly entrepreneurial environment (ex. a tech start up, a venture capital firm, etc.)

How to Apply

Our online application will allow you to apply to this role as a complete candidate – not just a resume. The application will assess your qualifications, personality traits and workplace preferences, and should take about 10–15 minutes to complete. You can get a copy of your assessment when you’re done by logging into the application tool.

If you require any accommodation in the application process, please contact us with the “Need Help” button in the application.

We will review applications as they are received and really look forward to hearing from you.



Slices of cucumber

PL Light – Customer Service Rep

Have you ever thought about how we get cucumbers in winter?

Well Ontario alone has 2,272 acres of greenhouses growing tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell peppers year-round across the province (300 million English cucumbers a year if you must know!).

And Ontario’s greenhouses, together with thousands of greenhouses across North America, provide us with fresh and nutritious fruits, vegetables, flowers and more – and they do it all thanks to special lighting.

We provide that lighting.

For over 30 years, PL Light Systems has been manufacturing and providing supplemental lighting solutions to North America’s greenhouses. In fact, we’re the North American market leader in horticultural lighting. We’re proud that our products and our work strengthen and sustain North America’s food production and we’re on a quest to provide even better products and services to our greenhouse customers.

That’s where you come in.

You love speaking to customers – you love helping them whether it’s the first time they’ve ever called or they’re a life-long friend. You love making sure that their questions are answered, and their problems are resolved, and to you, a frustrated customer is an opportunity to exceed expectations and make a new fan.

If that sounds like you, consider this opportunity to be our new customer service associate.

About the Job

We’re growing our customer service team with someone who can take care of these core responsibilities:

  • Taking inbound customer calls and re-directing customers to the appropriate team member (ex. sales, accounting, and service).
  • Quoting supplies pricing, taking and entering customer orders from end-users and dealers, and ensuring those orders are fulfilled accurately.
  • Organizing, tracking, and communicating a variety of customer information such as shipment information, lighting plans, invoices, returns of damaged or defective products, etc.
  • Following up with customers and team members – with information and status updates related to orders, returns, and service.
  • Ensuring the office is running well – from managing supplies to maintaining important customer contact information.

A Family Affair

PL Light Systems is owned by a family and family permeates everything we do. We’re a small team of people – one more with you – and we know and trust each other well.

We work hard and we love to have fun too – whether it’s golfing together in the summer or snowshoeing together in the winter. We value family and traditions, whether it’s inviting spouses to join our Christmas party or making sure our whole team is home for the holidays. Our 15-minutes-a-day time-banking plan means the whole office is closed between Christmas Eve and the first working Monday in January.

Another huge advantage to working in a small and tight-knit team: we wear many hats. You will have your core area of expertise – customer service – and you’ll also work as part of the whole team, picking up special projects and duties to make sure we delight our customers and grow our business and reputation.

At the end of the day, you’ll have learned how the whole business operates – from the assembly of a light to the way it affects a tomato and everything in between. Customers will trust your knowledge and recommendations and the team will know you as a go-to person for all kinds of information on what we do.

What We’re Looking For

We believe this is a job for someone who loves helping customers, has impeccable attention to detail, and can work autonomously to figure out the best way to do the job. Specifically, we’re looking for someone with these qualifications:

  • Experience in a role dedicated to providing external customers with support over the phone (ex. customer service, call centre, or inside sales role).
  • Experience in a multifaceted role – organizing your own work flow and special projects in an effective and efficient way.
  • Proficiency in Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Accpac and the ability to learn new computer programs independently.
  • High school or equivalent education; college or university education an asset.

Food production is a stable and sustainable industry and we would love to work with someone who wants to be a part of this sector and our growth within it. We’re on a deliberate and measured path to growth and we hope to meet someone who shares a belief in long-term relationships and success.

This is a full-time, permanent role with a salary, a comprehensive group benefits package (health, dental, vision, etc.), and RRSP matching.

How to Apply

The application process will assess your qualifications, traits, and culture fit, as well as your résumé. It should take about 15-20 minutes to complete and you can get a copy of your assessment when you’re done. We will review applications as they are received. We thank everyone who applies and will contact those selected for further discussion.




Tech SupportMoveware – Technical Support Specialist

Every company has a linchpin – could you be ours?

Some tech support specialists are just cogs in a giant machine, logging ticket after ticket and resenting their customers – but that’s not you. You love to help customers succeed. You jump at answering the easy questions and you wrestle with the tough problems so they don’t have to. You find a way to make their experience awesome and you can just feel their anxiety go down and their confidence go up at the end of every interaction. That’s how we view technical support and if that’s how you view it too, we can’t wait to meet you.

Moveware is rocking the moving and storage application industry precisely because we’ve created a great technical support experience. The revenue in our new North American office business doubled in the last year alone because our 5000 users worldwide rave about the amazing support they get from us.

More than anything we’d like them to say, “you won’t believe the above-and-beyond help I got from ______.”

So what do you say? Want your name to fill in the blank?

The Role

Moveware is headquartered in Australia and has offices in the UK and North America. Joining our North American group, you’d be a lynchpin of our customer success team. You’d support a range of requests: sometimes customers need immediate help managing database processes and other times they need a bigger fix or reconfiguration of their system. The mix of short and longer term support tickets makes for really interesting technical work, on top of which you’d help manage new customer implementations with onboarding, documentation, and training.

Client sites range from 5-200 seats and the software functionality is broad, covering all business processes including CRM, Logistics, Reporting and Financials. Our software is currently deployed in a Microsoft Terminal server environment as well as PCs and hand held devices.

By the end of your first year, you’ll know the application and code base inside out and will be writing new processes in the database code. You’ll also have experienced a full range of customer requests and resolutions enabling you to take charge of the role independently. And because we love to celebrate success, you’ll be enjoying Moveware’s recognition and rewards for a job well done.

Moveware is growing quickly, enabling great opportunities for your future career – within technical support or more broadly in our global company. This role may also offer the opportunity to travel in the future to visit customers across the Americas and other international destinations. We’re a young, energetic, and optimistic company, and if that’s what you’ve been looking for in your career, this could be a place of tremendous growth, achievement, and fun for you.

The starting salary range for this role is $39,000 to $43,000 per year, depending on experience.

Who We’re Looking For

Essential qualifications

  • You have some previous experience in an IT or technical customer support role.
  • You have experience with database support and/or maintenance.
  • You have strong knowledge of Microsoft Windows PC and server operating systems.
  • You are driven to continuously improve your IT skills and have proven to be able to research and teach yourself new things.
  • You have a college or university diploma or degree in IT or a related discipline.

Additional ‘nice to have’ qualifications

  • You have experience with Crystal Reports, MS Word Mail Merge and/or Report Builder.
  • You have experience in a customer service, call centre or sales role.
  • Ideally you speak a second language beyond English – if so, tell us about it.

How to Apply

Our online application process will assess your qualifications, traits, and environment fit, as well as your résumé. It should take about 15 minutes to complete and you will get access to a copy of your traits assessment for your own development.

If you’d also like to attach a cover letter telling us why you’re interested in this role (and why you’d be great at it), we’d love to read it.

We thank everyone who applies but will only be able to contact those selected for further discussion.




vintage wooden abacus with chalk piece on the blackboard

Positive Accounting – Bookkeeper

What if you could use your bookkeeping skills, working close to home, on a small and supportive team?

If that sounds like the role you’ve been searching for, Positive Accounting could be the place for you.

Positive Accounting provides accounting, bookkeeping and tax services to a wide variety of small and medium sized businesses.

We pride ourselves by making sure small and mid-sized business owners succeed –giving them great accounting support and advice, growing their financial confidence, and above all, allowing them to focus on the real reason they went into business in the first place – their area of passion.

Thanks to that success, we are looking to grow our team with two new bookkeepers.

That’s where you come in.

You are an experienced bookkeeper and a Quickbooks wiz (desktop and online).

You work with precision and love the thrill of meeting a tight deadline. You find pride in serving a customer to the highest standards.

In fact, you love bookkeeping and accounting, but you also love interacting with real customers. Whether it’s greeting a customer and helping them with something small or building a long-term relationship, a lonely job in the back room is not for you!

You’re confident in your bookkeeping skills and you long to know and do more – higher level accounting work, deeper customer relationships, and more responsibility in the business.

If that sounds like you, you’re exactly the person we’re dreaming to meet. Someone who can be a great bookkeeper now (and pitch in with some administrative and reception duties), with the capacity and ambition to grow into a more complex and senior role over time. To grow alongside Positive Accounting.

Working @ Positive Accounting

Positive Accounting is a family-owned business – and we treat our people like family. We support each other and value relationships.

One of the best benefits of working with us is the opportunity to learn and grow. Bookkeeping is a great foundation on which to learn and we take time to review work with you, to help you reach the highest standards, and to teach you new accounting skills – learned over varied and progressive accounting careers at world-class companies.

In addition, we work from a comfortable and attractive office in the heart of the town. Imagine no long commute into the city – just a short drive to a spacious office with plenty of parking.

We are looking to hire a full-time and also a part-time bookkeeper – please let us know your preference in a cover letter. Full-time salary starts at $30,000 to $32,000 to be reviewed after a three-month probation period.

Regular office hours are Monday to Friday 9:00 to 5:00.


If this sounds like the role for you, here’s what we’re looking for:

  • You’ve either worked in a small organization and love wearing many hats, or you know you’d excel in a varied role that includes bookkeeping and some office administration
  • You have experience in bookkeeping or full-cycle accounting, including AR/AP, reconciliations, government remittances, reporting and payroll
  • You have experience serving customers in a customer-facing role
  • You are proficient and up-to-date with Quickbooks – desktop and online
  • You have excellent Microsoft Office and especially Microsoft Excel skills
  • A college/university degree/diploma in accounting/bookkeeping an asset
  • Tax preparation experience an asset

How to Apply

Our online application will allow you to apply to this role as a complete candidate – not just a resume. The application will assess your qualifications, personality traits and workplace preferences, and should take about 10–15 minutes to complete. You can get a copy of your assessment when you’re done by logging into the application tool.

If you require any accommodation in the application process, please contact us with the “Need Help” button in the application.

We will review applications as they are received and really look forward to hearing from you.




Clek – Marketing Manager  clek's foonf safety rear facing car seat

Every great marketer had at least one job early on that turbo charged their learning curve. A role where they were empowered to make decisions, take their new ideas into production, and see the results of their hard work in lifting the success of a great product.

We have one of those opportunities here.

Clek designs, engineers and manufactures child passenger safety seats. We think of them as smart, timeless and safe travel vessels for little cowboys, divas, bookworms, rebels and soccer stars. We are a kid-focused company that provides clever products for modern families on the move. And we’re looking for a smart marketer who is ready to share their talents with us.

Founded seven years ago, Clek is a growing company entering the next stage of our sales and marketing development. We believe a marketing manager would help to grow our sales & marketing opportunities across our worldwide dealer network. This is the first dedicated marketing role at our head office and with success the job has the potential to grow into new areas and responsibilities.

Who we’re looking for.

You have either worked for a retail consumer brand or with a marketing agency serving consumer brands – so you know all about the unique challenges and opportunities of serving dealers, distributors and retailers, and the circuit of tradeshows and industry influencers.

  • You are a great writer with lots of experience in content creation of different forms (from blog posts and ad copy to emails and tweets).
  • You are knowledgeable about the best practices of inbound and content marketing, and with the effective corporate use of social media platforms.
  • You are keen to get increased responsibility and love the pressure of having to make your own decisions.
  • You are used to multi-tasking and thrive under deadlines.
  • You pride yourself on being meticulous and detail oriented. No one has ever called your work sloppy. Ever.
  • You love people and ideally have even had previous experience in an outbound sales, customer service, or a hospitality environment.
  • Ideally (but not necessarily) you have experience in using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

What you’ll be doing.

  • Write and coordinate monthly newsletters, giveaways and marketing campaigns.
  • Manage content for our FTP and all retail websites (images, videos, logos, product specs, UPC codes, etc.).
  • Assist in creating a content plan, editorial calendar and social media promotional strategy.
  • Assist with monitoring and engaging on Clek social channels, adding value with the Clek tone and character.
  • Assist with trade show and consumer event coordination (logistics, travel planning, shipping, etc.).
  • Represent Clek at local trade shows and consumer events, as well as travelling to some out of town shows (1-2 per quarter and 1-2 per year may be over a weekend).
  • Support sales information requests across North America and in international markets.
  • Support Clek leadership team with building presentations in PowerPoint.
  • Assist with updating and proofreading all product support, sales and marketing materials.

This job starts in January, and reports to both our CMO in Detroit and to our VP of Sales in Toronto. There’s a lot to be done directly with our CEO as well, so you’ll never be short on executive exposure. In fact, we’d like everyone who works at Clek to make marketing and product recommendations, participate in strategy discussions, and contribute to special projects.

We provide support for our employees, not explicit direction or (gasp) micro-management. In this role we’ll expect a lot from you, and you can expect to learn a ton, get a lot of feedback, and (because we’re still a small company) get your hands on just about everything we do.

If all this sounds good, we hope to learn more about you. The application process will assess your qualifications, traits, and culture fit, as well as your résumé. It should take about 15 minutes to complete, and you can access a copy of the assessment for your own self development. We thank everyone who applies and will contact those selected for further discussion.



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