Major New Fitzii Feature: Options, Options

touchscreen interfaceToday we’re releasing one of our most important feature updates ever. It’s one that’s been frequently asked for and that we’ve been very carefully considering, since it’s in the direct territory of our purpose, our WHY – to better connect people with meaningful work.

We’re really excited to have found a way to stay true to our goals around better fit and more objective hiring, while making the Fitzii tool more flexible and more broadly applicable.

So, drumroll please….

As of today, it is possible to post jobs on Fitzii without requiring every applicant to complete the assessment portion of the application. In fact, there are now three different ways to post a job opportunity:

1. Assessment Required – This is exactly the same as how all jobs on Fitzii have been posted to date. Every applicant for a position has to complete the full application that assesses fit on three dimensions: skills & experience, personality and working environment. There are many jobs where this approach makes the most sense. Any job where applicant quantity is really high for example, or cases where skills and experience are less important, such as entry-level roles. There have been cases reported by our customers, however, where it’s been hard to predict the number of applicants in advance. This has led to a concern about having the assessment mandatory (even though when applicants do the full process, 89% like it). The second option is, therefore:

2. Assessment Optional – It sounds simple, but the results are pure awesome! As the name suggests, jobs are posted as before, but applicants are given the choice to apply quickly by simply answering any eligibility questions and uploading a resume (a 2 minute process) or submit a full application including the fit assessment (10-15 minutes). For the jobseeker this gives the convenience of getting an application in quickly if they are in a rush, on a mobile device, or not that excited by the job, but also with the option to apply in full later, if they like. For employers it brings the best of both worlds. The “quick-apply” option ensures you’re not missing out on any applicants who would have been turned off by the assessment, while also getting the full fit profile of those who really want the job. You also have the ability to ask one or all of the resume-only applicants to complete the full application, with just one click.

3. Résumé Only – Honestly, this was a hard one for us. Résumés are not good predictors of performance. They’re also not great at keeping the hiring process objective. That’s why they play a less central role in the Fitzii tool. The problem that wouldn’t go away, however, was that for some types of hiring, like some unionized jobs, even an optional assessment was not appropriate. This was hard for our customers, because they didn’t have any other choice but to hire outside of the Fitzii system. For this reason, posting a job where applying with a résumé is the only option, is now possible.

We will be rolling this feature update out to customers over the next week. Your account manager or someone from the support team will contact you when your account is ready to be transitioned and walk you through the new functionality. There is also a how-to guide available on the knowledge base. All new users will have the feature enabled by default.

If you have any questions or would like to request your account to be transitioned immediately, please email us at or call 1-888-707-1977.

Happy Hiring!

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