Product Update: Quarterly Release

New versionTime flies! Hard to believe it’s been three months since our last major release. Here’s what we’ve been working on this winter:

  • Multiple careers pages. Now you can create more than one careers page and select which jobs appear on which pages. This is great if you have an internal careers page or hire for multiple brands / companies. If you’d like to take advantage of this feature, email us or call 1-888-707-1977 and we’ll help you get set up.
  • More and better notifications. When sharing candidates, the system now records this in the progress tracker for each candidate shared along with the recipient details and the share date. When a recipient confirms they have finished reviewing the shared candidates, the email notification now also includes details of which candidates were reviewed and the job they applied for.
  • The ability to password protect shared candidates. Accessed from the preferences menu, this allows you to require a (randomly generated) code when recipients view candidates you have shared with them. We also now expire any share link after 90 days.
  • Collecting and validating zip / postal codes from job seekers that either apply to jobs, or sign up for job updates. This allows you to search for candidates by location. This is the first step on the route to more advanced searching in your applicant pools – Watch this space!
  • Small improvements to the layout of some of the job seeker application pages based on job seeker feedback.
  • A number of small tweaks, formatting and wording changes in response to user feedback on things that aren’t quite perfect.
  • And, of course a few bugs squashed. Mostly obscure use-cases that only come up in our testing, but one that we’re sure has been super annoying and we can’t believe we hadn’t heard about until now: The preference setting for number of jobs to display on the dashboard wasn’t persisting, and so the view kept defaulting to ten. That’s now fixed and so, for those of you with lots on the go, you can set that preference to 25, 50 or 100 and see all your jobs on one page.

Finally, we want to share a significant change we’ve made that doesn’t impact our customers, but our prospective customers. We’ve been surprised by the number of attempts to use our free trial to try to take advantage of job seekers. These consist of individuals signing up, usually with a private email address, claiming to represent a company and then posting (very generic) job ads to try and attract job seekers. We assume they then plan to scam or take advantage of these job seekers somehow.

Our support team catches all of these attempts, as we review each new account before allowing postings to go live. However, this is a manual and time-consuming process, especially as we keep growing. What we’ve implemented, therefore, is a change in our sign up process: We no longer accept new company sign ups with a personal email address and also now require a quick conversation with a member of our support team before an account is activated. We apologize for the small inconvenience this causes for serious new clients, but feel preventing abuse of job seekers is a core value we want to protect.

As ever, please continue to send thoughts, feedback and questions our way!

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