Big News! – Fitzii Teams Up with the #1 Nonprofit Job Board in Canada

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We’re extremely excited to announce that this week we released a special technology integration that we’ve been working on since the summer.

Our partner, CharityVillage, Canada’s leading job board for the nonprofit sector, has called this their “biggest announcement in almost 20 years of working with the Canadian nonprofit sector”.

Why is this such a big deal? Because it’s a game changer.

CharityVillage’s mission is to support and strengthen the nonprofit sector in Canada. By helping these organizations more frequently pick exactly the right person for the job, the positive impact they make in the world can increase exponentially.

With highly desirable working environments and the ability to make a difference doing work that really matters, the biggest challenge nonprofits have when it comes to hiring is not attracting candidates – it’s selecting the right ones. To boot, most nonprofit jobs are as much about successfully working with people and possessing a passion for the sector, rather than having certain technical skills or a specific education. That’s why the Fitzii assessment works so well in helping nonprofits discover who they should focus time on interviewing.

CV-IQ-Talent-PredictorSo how is this going to work? It’s a seamless integration of the Fitzii technology right into the CharityVillage experience. All job postings are now using some of the core Fitzii applicant tracking features in an offering CharityVillage is calling Talent Manager. This solves the problem of emailed resumes and the inability to sort and track applicants.  The real value, however, is that anyone can upgrade their job posting to have every applicant put through the Fitzii assessment. This product, called Talent Predictor, will allow CharityVillage customers to quickly gain insights into which applicants really are the right fit for a particular job at their organization.

CharityVillage continues to offer free assistance for all postings and this will now include optimization tips for every Talent Predictor job posted. For those nonprofits looking to fill more senior or complex roles, an additional fully managed option called Recruitment Advisor is also available. You can read more about the offerings here.

For Canadian nonprofit organizations who are hiring frequently enough, or that have more complex applicant tracking requirements, there’s some good news for you here as well. A nonprofit version of Fitzii will be available and will be the only ATS that has integrated automatic job posting distribution to CharityVillage. Stay tuned for more news on this and other exciting developments soon!

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