Product Update: Customer Feedback Release

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It’s time! We’ve spent the last few months working on adding a whole bunch of new functionality to the Fitzii system and are now ready to release it. We know you’re going to love the new things that are coming – Why? Because this is release is dedicated to adding features and usability improvements that have been requested by our customers. We’ll be updating the system this weekend (November 15/16) so look for a new improved Fitzii on Monday. If you’re an existing customer you’ll be receiving an email with more details.

Here are some of the exciting new features that will be available on Monday:

  • Built-in email templates that allow you to send applicants predefined emails from within Fitzii. The library of templates can be customized for your company and uses tags to personalize the message to every applicant. We know this is going to save our users a ton of time and help ensure candidates receive feedback where appropriate.
  • One of our most common support calls is “I just posted a job and noticed I forgot to include/misspelled/accidentally included something. Please help!”. So, we’re giving users the ability to edit a Job Ad after the posting has gone live.
  • A much improved database of example skills and experience questions that make selecting the right ones for your specific job posting even easier. The examples are now much more specific to the role selected and formatted for better clarity and a better candidate experience. We’ve also changed the wording on the requirements page to make it clearer and more user friendly.
  • The option to link your Fitzii account to BambooHR (a powerful but easy-to-use HRIS that we chose to integrate with as we use it and love it) and directly export successful applicants into your organization’s account. This in addition to our standard export functionality and takes just a few minutes to set up.
  • The ability to re-add sourcing to an open posting. This is really useful for those jobs where attracting qualified applicants is hard, or where you’re continually looking for a certain role. Now when you click on Find More from the Job Manager you can add new sourcing options or renew existing ones.
  • The ability to change a posting’s owner. This is useful if you want to hand over a posting to a colleague temporarily or permanently. This feature is accessed from the Action menu on your Dashboard.

We’ve also included a large number of usability improvements, including:

  • Easier and more effective sharing of jobs by recruiters and candidates.
  • The ability to pause a job to new applicants from the Dashboard using the Action menu. Previously you had to open the job to pause it.
  • Improvement to the resume upload functionality for job seekers.
  • Automatic conversion of uploaded resumes to PDF format to improve formatting and display.
  • Spell check enabled on the email fields.
  • Persistence of views when switching between reports or pages.
  • Improvements to the display of careers pages.
  • We’ve renamed Job Description and it’s now called Job Ad (read why here). We also expanded the size of the entry box as a number of customers said it was too small.
  • Plus another 20 or so small tweaks and polishes based on recruiter and candidate feedback.

And yes, as no-one is perfect, we also found and a squashed a few bugs:

  • In some cases applicant pictures were being displayed if they were shared, even if the “Anonymous Candidates” feature was active. This has now been fixed and the pictures (and other selected data) is hidden from the shared landing page and the interview guide if this feature is on.
  • There was the risk for an error if extremely long skill questions were entered. This is now handled more elegantly.
  • There were some reports of problems adding multiple users to an account. We’ve made this more robust.

If you’re a user you can find more details on these features in the Help section. Alternatively, please reach out to our support team if you’d like to set up some time for us to walk you through any of the new functionality.

We’re now already working on the next round of updates and so please keep the feedback coming.

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