Podcast on our Self-Management Adoption

It was an absolute pleasure to be interviewed on one of my favorite podcasts – Leadermorphosis – which: “explores the emerging world of self-management and progressive organizations”. It’s hosted by Lisa Gill, who is a real thought leader in our space, and a really insightful interviewer. Our discussion digs into the…Continue Reading

Heartfelt Employee Love Letters

Every year, on February 14th, we break out the cake and celebrate the anniversary of the day Fitzii decided to do without any “management” roles in our company. When we began this journey into self-management four years ago we had very high expectations about the difference it would make. Somehow,…Continue Reading

What it’s Really Like to Transition into Self-Management

Some people think that self-managing workplaces are only a good fit for a certain type of person. Or that you need to be operating above a certain “level of consciousness” in order to be ready for it. I think this is hogwash. Our team of 20 has been working without…Continue Reading

Our Solution to Any People Problem: Do a RAP (Role Advice Process)

The following is an excerpt from the book Reinventing Scale-Ups: Radical Ideas for Growing Companies by Brent Lowe, Susan Basterfield, and Travis Marsh. The book explores progressive organizations that have developed new and unique ways of growing their people along with their business. Fitzii is honored to have been profiled in the…Continue Reading

10 Surprising Things About Work Without Bosses

On February 14th, the Fitzii team celebrated our own special holiday – ValenTeal’s Day – which marks the second year we’ve been operating without any managers. Actually, we haven’t just been operating without managers. We’ve been growing and thriving – as a business, as individuals, and as a team. Now…Continue Reading

Changing Colors: Helping New Employees Go Teal

Joining a new organization can be a stressful process – getting to know the company, colleagues, customers, and discovering what the job entails, takes a lot of time and effort. The first few months in a new job are important to an employee’s long term success, and companies rightly spend…Continue Reading

Why our Purpose is Evolutionary

Back in 1996 the Harvard Business Review published Building Your Company’s Vision, by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras, and the business world was given instructions on how to leverage meaning for results. The article more deeply explored the author’s ideas about what a great company’s “core ideology” looks like, why it…Continue Reading